Waffle The Wonder Dog: Meeting Waffle - DVD


The Brooklyn-Bell family discover an adorable, magical puppy who will change their lives forever.

6 Bark-tastic Episodes:
Meeting Waffle
The Brooklyn-Bells get back from their wedding to find a lost pup hiding in the presents.

Night, Night, Waffle
As the wedding party comes to an end, the Brookln-Bells wave off their guests and settle down for their first night as a family together....with Waffle!

Goodble Waffle?
Today, Waffle will be leaving but he tells Doug he wants to stay. So Evie helps Waffle hide.

Waffle Explores
Waffle wants to join Doug and Evie's playdate but Simon says Waffle can't because he's not toilet trained yet.

Waffle Grows
It's Waffle's last day but will the Brooklyn-Bells really part with their wonder dog?

Waffle's Paint Disaster
Can Waffle stay out of trouble and away from Mrs Hobbs while Doug's bedroom is painted?

Type: DVD

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