Little Princess: I Didn't Do It - DVD


Featuring 6 Exciting Episodes;

I Can't Remember:
When Little Princess loses the Prime Minister's precious medals and the General's beloved bearskin after borrowing them to play with, she sets about trying to remember where they are.

I Didn't Do It:
Little Princess is allowed to build a den in the castle, but Scruff gets blamed for the mess and is condemned to a lonely fate outside in his kennel.

I Don't Want A Bath:
Little Princess does not like baths; the water always splashes and stings her eyes. It soon becomes clear however that she will not be able to evade them forever

I Don't Want To Comb My Hair:
Little Princess hates having her hair combed. It's always tangled and it always hurts! But the King puts her in charge of combing.

I Don't Like Salad:
Little Princess does NOT like salad, especially tomatoes...until she's given some tomato seeds of her own to grow.

I Want To Do Magic;
Little Princess is having a magic show and needs to learn some tricks. The Gardener shows her how to 'disappear' things.

Type: DVD

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