In The Night Garden: Igglepiggle & Friends - 3 DVD Boxset!


Join Igglepiggle & Friends in this In The Night Garden Triple-disc box set.

The 3 Discs contained in this fantastic box set are 'Wake Up Igglepiggle', 'Where's Upsy Daisy Gone?' and 'Igglepiggle's Tiddle'.

Episodes included are Wake up Igglepiggle, Where Can Igglepiggle Have a Rest?, Oh Look! It's the Wottingers!, Dinner in the Ninky Nonk, Tombliboos' Clean Their Teeth, Where's Upsy Daisy Gone?, Upsy Daisy's Tiring Walk, The Wottingers Hiding Game, The Pontipine Children in the Tombliboos' Trousers, Hurry Up Tombliboos, Igglepiggle's Tiddle, Igglepiggle goes Visiting, Hiding In Flowerpots, Catch the Ninky Nonk Tombliboos and The Pontipines Picnic.

Type: 3 DVD Set

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