Horrid Henry Knows It All - DVD


Join Henry in this great DVD compiled from the fourth series of his notorious escapades!

Episodes include;

Horrid Henry Knows It All: When Henry hears that there are 'Killer Boy Rats' tickets up for grabs, he decides he s going to get his hands on them, and no-one is going to stop him!

Horrid Henry Flicks The Bogey: Henry discovers that sometimes wormy worm little brothers can be very useful!

Horrid Henry - I Am Not A Hamster: Henry finds out that sometimes you can take your best friends for granted, especially when your best friend is a hamster (or is he?)

Horrid Henry And The Dangerous Data: Data can be dangerous, as Henry is about to find out when Peter takes on the role of Chief Secretary of the legendary 'Purple Hand Gang'

Horrid Henry And The Phantom Phone: At last Henry's got a mobile phone! Or has he?!

Horrid Henry Loses Rude Ralph: Rude Ralph is missing! Could the Evil Guardian really be responsible?

Type: DVD

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