Horrid Henry: How To Be Horrid - DVD


Being horrid is all about... well, being horrid. Henry shows us how...

The Detention Club;
When Henry becomes a member of the Detention Club he finds out there’s more
to a good story than just telling tales!

Mixes It Up; 
When Miss Oddbod tells Henry to mix things up a bit, he does his best to deliver.

Birthday Bonanza; 
Peter has the perfect birthday present for Henry, but for some reason Henry
doesn’t want to know.

Catastrophic Cushion; 
Henry’s heart is set on a special Gross Class Zero cushion, but he finds he’s got competition!

Movie Moments; 
If you’ve ever wondered how Henry ended up holding Bogey Brain’s hand when they went to Our Lady Giddiantus school, now’s your chance to find out!

Type: DVD

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