Horrid Henry: Horrid Henry's Diary - DVD



What goes on in Horrid Henry's day?!
  • 9am: Henry has to go to school and he isn't happy about it!
  • 11am: He makes up a great excuse as to why he doesn't have his homework
  • 3pm: Miss Battleaxe gives Henry a new homework assignment that just isn't fair!!
  • 5pm: Henry sits down to finish his homework, but what will get in the way this time?!

- Find out and then enjoy five other hilarious Horrid Henry episodes..but only after you have finished all your homework!

Episodes include:

  1. Horrid Henry's diary
  2. Horrid Henry's school trip
  3. Horrid Henry and the aquarium
  4. Horrid Henry's dance class
  5. Horrid Henry meets the queen
  6. Horrid Henry goes swimming

All of Abbey's Horrid Henry DVD's include English Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing.

Type: DVD

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