Horrid Henry: Big Breakfast - DVD


Horrid Henry Meets Mr Tiddler:
When Peter Finds out that his most favourite author in the world lives just down the road, Henry has to turn writer to stop things going horridly wrong.

Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical:
What if one day you work up and all you wanted to do is sing? Henry finds out what it means to be musical.

Horrid Henry and the Fish Filcher:
It’s Bring Your Baby To School Day and Henry discovers that looking after everyone’s babies isn’t as easy as it looks!

Horrid Henry’s Animal Antics:
Fluffy and Fang get serious when a Boodle Poodle moves in next door.

Horrid Henry’s Big Breakfast:
When the stakes are high it’s time to bring out Team Henry.

Type: DVD

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