Dance Like The Flower Fairies - 10th Anniversary! - DVD


This enchanting adventure will have children spellbound as they follow Tulip, Willow and Lavender through the fairy garden, watch the magic and learn their dances step by step.

Along the way, learn fairy folklore and facts about each flower. Listen as Tulip, Willow and Lavender introduce the poems from the original Flwoer Fairies books by Cicely Mary Barker.

This programme contains live action, dances and music, enhanced with animated imagery, plus entertaining DVD extras including the charming baby Tulips' dance.

Remember, the more you learn about fairies the more likely you are to see one!

Fairy Magic includes:

  • Interactive dance classes created by dance professionals
  • Fun with the baby Tulips
  • A peek behind the scenes
  • 'Play All' for younger children
  • Fairy folklore
  • Make your own fairy wings

Type: DVD

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