Care Bears: Oopsy Does It & The Giving Movie - 2 DVD Set!


Oopsy Does It:
Oopsy Bear got his name because he is always having little mishaps. When Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear build an amusement park for their friends, Oopsy accidentally destroys it.
An evil bear called Grizzle uses Oopsy's mistake in a plot to steal the Care Bear's belly badges.
Will Oopsy stumple to the rescue - or will he just .... stumble?

The Giving Festival Movie:
Join Funshine Bear and the whole Care Power Team as they organise the annual Giving Festival in this adorable tail!
The bears can't wait for the arrival of Princess Starglo, but their fabulous festival is soon threatened by a powerful wind blowing through Care-a-Lot.
Get ready for a wonderful adventure full of giving goodness with the Care Bears!

Type: 2 DVD Set

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