Horrid Henry's Big Holiday - 2 DVD Boxset!


Horrid Henry is up to his usual tricks and more in this utterly horrid-tastic DVD collection.

With hours of fun and mischief, this 2 DVD set brings together a selection of all his friends and enemies from the hit TV series.

Join Henry on his Vile Vacation where nothing ever turns out as he's planned .........!

Containing the following episodes: Horrid Henry - It's All Your Fault, Horrid Henry In Detention, Horrid Henry - Nothing But The Truth, Horrid Henry - Horrid Boy?, Horrid Henry Delivers The Milk, Horrid Henry And The New Best Friend, Horrid Henry's Vile Vacation, Horrid Henry's Comic Caper, Horrid Henry and the Horrid Hat, Horrid Henry's Hit Song, Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar and Horrid Henry and the Perfect Parents.

Type: 2 DVD Set

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