Horrid Henry And The Football Fiend - DVD


..and 5 fantastic other adventures.

Horrid Henry And The Football Fiend: Can Henry turn on his footballing skills and win tickets to his beloved team's cup-tie against the mighty Manchester United?

Horrid Henry's Sports Day: Henry's least favourite day of the year, especially when he finds out who he has to partner in the three legged race.

Horrid Henry Goes Swimming: Will Henry get out of his least favourite lesson or will Saggy Sid make him take the plunge?

Horrid Henry's Heroes: It's Henry's chance to be a rock star, at last - but as he discovers, fame isn't necessarily easy!

Horrid Henry's Perfect Day: Henry decides to be perfect for the day - it can't be that difficult can it?!

Horrid Henry's Hike: The family take a walk in the country, but will it turn into a walk on the wild side?


Type: DVD

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