Review: Fireman Sam - Day of the Penguin

February 13, 2018

Fireman Sam Day Of The Penguin DVD

I remember watching Fireman Sam as a kid around the sam time as Postman Pat and Bob the Builder. They all started as stop motion animation but with the changing market and technology Sam has had to move with the times. Fireman Sam has come a long way since the hero next door hit our screens in 1987, he’s still saving the people of Pontipandy on a regular basis but now he’s in glorious CGI.

Day of the Penguin follows on from our release of his feature length adventure Alien Alert. This time Sam gets up to all kinds of animal antics from a Penguin escaping from Newtown Zoo to Lady Puffy-Paws going missing. He even finds time to star in a spy movie and quench the flames of a fire-breathing dragon!

Norman Price is normally the chief instigator of the trouble in town and these episodes are no exception. He has quite a few accidents whilst filming his spy thriller and manages to wreak havoc when setting a dragon loose. Sam’s colleagues cause their fair share of chaos as well, but with his action hero skills and fire safety gear, Sam always saves the day.

The DVD features 5 episodes:
Castles and Kings
Dog Day Disaster
Spy Games
Fox On The Run
The Day Of The Penguin

It also contains a bonus video of Pontipany’s Funniest moments.

Here's one of Elvis preparing to be on TV!

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